Woman - Goddess - Lioness

To help you develop lasting female power, sovereignty, sensuality and magnetism, we curated this powerful program.

We gently yet purposefully dive deep into your female body and unlock its magic layer by layer, petal by petal - journeying through your breasts, womb, menstrual cycle, sexuality, intimacy, psychic abilities and extraordinary female heart. This is how we recover your deeply held potency within.

This goddess magic then gets reawakened and recoded to become your lioness energy. This is the fierce grace every woman calls upon time and time again to revolutionise her life. It’s the energy used to turn her visions into her purpose. Her knowings into manifestations. Her potential into reality. It is her magnetic spark that allows her to seduce all of life to support her. It is her courage that voices and commands.

The Goddess and the Lioness Within must join forces.

When they do, there is no feminine wound, there is no overwhelm or self doubt. There is only the ROAR of your soul’s brilliance choosing to exist.


▲2 x 90 mins Live Calls Initiations with Vanya Silverten

▲Private 1:1 Sessions with Joyce & Vanya

▲The Sensual Enlightenment Academy (six courses)

▲Q&A, Transmissions & Activations

▲£849 Gift Voucher for the Sacred Star Coaching Certification

▲Lifetime Access

▲ Available for 10 women only 


ONE: Awakening Goddess (10 modules worth £849)

TWO: Yinlicous Yogini (6 modules worth £267)

THREE: Jade Empress (6 modules worth £97)

FOUR: Sacred Embodiment Live Class (worth £247)

FIVE: The Sensual Enlightenment Library (worth £287)

SIX: Aphrodites Workout (worth £107)

SEVEN: Sexual Priestess (worth £97)

Where Sensuality, Beauty, Sexuality & Power become one force to revolutionise your life.

This is for you if...

This is the moment you choose to get your voice, your heart, your sensuality, your life back on track, simply because you can no longer live another year, another month, another day in the empty place.

  • If you have been feeling stagnant, lifeless, numb, dull and frumpy in your body and the spark inside of you is getting smaller as each year goes by.

  • Your are still heartbroken, lonely and given up on love and you know this is not how you should be living

  • You know you need to reawaken your vibrancy, voice and magnetism and raise your energy so you can manifest and consciously create.

  • You feel and know your power but you are unable to be motivated by it to raise your reality

  • You can feel the beauty, magic and liberation of your next level but need sacred mentorship to elevate you in it

The Lioness Summer Offer Is:

A pilgrimage, a retreat, a ceremony, a rite of passage back to you.

You will receive lifetime access to the entire Sensual Enlightenment Academy. This is six online courses that dives into the female body temple to unlock and liberate your sensual power. A combination of sacred movement, dance, yoga, breath work, meditation, beauty treatment and deep healing. It is so in depth that you would need to explore the curriculum to understand it's real value. There are live group coaching to get your voice, vibrancy, power and magnetism switched back on. Plus two options to get private sessions with our amazing sexologist Victoria Honey and transformational healer Vanya Silverten. This is the ultimate package to kick start your next chapter and revolutionise your life.

The Lioness Becomes Her Power

This is a powerful vortex that will hold you in the revolutionary energy of transformation, elevation, empowerment and purpose. The journey begins in your female body temple so you can claim your mystical sensual power. Then it supports you to raise your reality until the universe can reflect your brilliance. This is the moment you choose YOU again.

  • Rewire & Rebith

    The Sensual Enlightenment Academy will rewire your deeply held patterns to blossom. Through self discovery, meditations, breath work sacred embodiment and the female temple tantric arts you will rebirth your brilliance back into every cell of your body.

  • Seen & Elevated

    The private 1:1 sessions will become the master key to your next level. Each is perfectly tailored to your needs so you can elevate. A private session is a healing, coaching, a rite of passage and an initiation all rolled into one. We move beyond self and group study, instead we personally hold you in our field of excellence so you can be more.

  • Claim & Become

    Two powerful group calls that will become the gateways for you to activate your Goddess and Lioness energy. Once you learn to embody these codes, you can use their magic again and again to continuously take yourself to the next level. These calls are the permission, the initiation and the rite of passage every woman needs.

You will be privately working with...

It can't get better than this

Joyce Oladipo 'aka Victoria Honey'

Sexologist & Women's Sexual Health Specialist

Joyce helps women create a nourishing sex life that feels good to the body, mind and soul. With all the roles we juggle as women it can be challenging to tap into the sexuality we truly crave. Providing sexual health and wellness support on topics ranging from sexuality, sexual pain, vaginismus, sexual trauma, low libido, postpartum, menopause, pelvic floor concerns and more. Joyce's whole mission in life is to empower women to create a life grounded in a deep sense of worthiness, embodied sovereignty, intimate belonging, and a life full of possibilities.

Vanya Silverten

Master Energy Healer & Teacher

Vanya is a master energy healer, channel and teacher of soul embodiment. She has worked with thousands of women in over 80 countries. Ok magazine has describes her work as 'cathartic' ad 'uplifting'. She has written #1 bestselling book 'Sacred Revolution' and created the The Sensual Enlightenment Academy to help you birth into the power of your female body temple. Lioness is the next level support for you to blossom into you brilliance.

Woman - Goddess - Lioness

Together We Roar

When a woman decides heal and awaken the magic of her female body temple, the path of sensual enlightenment begins.

She unlocks the power of her sexuality and uses it as sacred force to help her embody heaven. Only then does her true love affair with love, beauty and abundance begin. This is the moment the woman becomes GODDESS.

The Goddess turns into the LIONESS when she takes her newly awakened power to revolutionise her life.  She decides that the truth and bliss she now embodies should exist in all aspects of her life - love, intimacy, health, relationships, career and success. Her FIERCE GRACE beautifully and powerfully rises herself  to a new level of existence.

If you know the above truth in your cells but you are not there yet. If you have gotten flat, disappointed by life, partners and yourself, heart broken and resentful. If things are not flowing and uplevelling and you feel STAGNANT. Or you are diminishing yourself with comparison and secret jealousy. Then this is the moment you decide to break free. Shake your life up!! 


To be totally transparent with you, I go through this cycle of knowing, awakening, ascending, becoming one with love, only to destroy it, descend into a new layer of my ‘mud’, break free from it and rise again to a whole new level of myself.

YEAR after YEAR - I come to the point where I can no longer be CLOSED to my brilliant destiny …I have to be OPEN again to it.

If your heart and sexual energy is closed. You will be close to the next level of being  the conscious co-creator of your reality. 

Includes Two Live Powerful Group Calls

The Lioness program begins and ends with a sacred rites of passage.


    22nd June 7-9PM UK: Unlock the dark feminine and unwanted woman within - the too intense, too angry, too sinful, too slutty, too hidden, too dry, too forgotten, too rejected, too ashamed will be liberated and returned to power though body, womb, vaginal deamouring. Expect tears and a deep release from the most tightly held and hidden parts of you that know need to exist for you to move forward. Includes Activations plus Q & A


    29th August 6:30-8PM UK:The now newly liberated power of your beauty, soul, sexuality and body gets to unite as one revolutionary force to raise your life to the next level. Shed layers of centuries of old out dated conditioning, lies and criticism to recover your magic. Discover your femininity as a powerful asset and let the brilliance of you soul roar through every cell of your body temple to fast track your destiny. We will use sacred embodiment and more to ensure this awakening. Includes Activations plus Q & A

Offer Three

The Sensual Enlightenment Academy plus 2 x 60min 1:1 with Joyce Oladipo plus 1 x 1:1 90min 1:1 Lift Off Call & 5 x 1:1 60min with Vanya Silverten plus 2 x live group calls. SOLD OUT (Originally only for one person due to my schedual but if this is calling please get in touch)

Lioness 2023 Summer Offer

We are dedicated to your female body temple revolution. Payment plans are available upon request. Offer ends 21 June.

What other's are saying...

“Victoria is one of the most impressive, powerful and effective Sexologists I have worked with! "I highly recommend Joyce's sex therapy and teaching. I've watched her heal her own vaginismus, unapologetically stepping into the empowered sexual being she naturally is, transforming all religious conditioning into full sexual liberation." Layla Martin, founder of the VITA™ Institute”

" Layla Martin, founder of the VITA™ Institute

“Vanya's goddess courses are a portal for awakening the innate power of your sexuality and embracing yourself as the goddess that you are. Vanya is the embodiment of sensual, divine feminine energy and she effortlessly guides you into peeling back the layers that block you from stepping into your womanhood and activating the gift of your sexual energy. If you're ready to empower yourself and to channel your sexual energy for your own healing then this course is for you. ”


Feel the fierce energy of the lioness....

Watch the below 60 minute masterclass with Vanya Silverten & Joyce Oladipo!

This is a limited offer

Available for the first 10 women only. Both Joyce and myself have busy work schedules and an offer like this is rare. If you know the KICK is needed. If you know the quality, depth and mastery of our work. The time is now.

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