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Mia is alone and adrift, haunted by a curse that has disturbed since childhood. She is to the serene simplicity of life in a remote hippie commune in the northern rainforests of Australia, she discovers the healing powers of nature, and finds a fragile inner peace.

But Mia remains emotionally vulnerable, and is drawn to the familiarity of a dangerously self-destructive relationship with enigmatic stranger, Jaxx. As drugs, dreams and erotic desires intertwine, Mia is led down vivid tracks of spiritual and sexual connection that transcend time – and bring ecstasy and terror in equal measure.

Guided by nature and the quiet, steady voice of intuition, Mia faces a stark choice: find the strength to lay her inner demons to rest and move on; or remain locked forever in a crippling cycle of emotional and physical abuse.

Cool Breeze Under a Black Veil is a powerful visionary tale of natural healing and spiritual enlightenment. From a delicate sprinkle of speculative surrealism and erotica emerges a beautiful but achingly raw journey of self-discovery and self-love.

18+ Contains Adult Themes