This is a powerful vortex of transformation

This is a powerful vortex that increases your wealth consciousness for wealth creation.  Over 20+ hours of  teachings and activations in 30 days. You will receive an exceptional elevation into abundance without letting old beliefs and patternings catch up to you midway.    

Learn to release your past, rewire your mindset, up level your self worth, reorganise your life, home and business, then reconnect back to an abundant universe so you can create and receive the wealth you deserve. 

*This is one of my community programs - once you are in - you get lifetime access and annual upgrades. As I go deeper into creating abundance so do you. This course lives in an extraordinary field of prosperity. Come and join us.   

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Abundance is our Birthright & Liferight

We are not all born into abundance but we are all definitely meant to create it. Some of us struggle with a feeling of lack. Others struggle with the fear of manifesting. The reasons why you do not have abundance in your life now can be complex. Now is the time to unlock your poverty consciousness and step into being able to create what you desire with ease and flow. The CREATING ABUNDANCE INTENSIVE will teach you how to:

  • Rediscover the quantum field of infinite possibilities and how you can use it create an abundant life.

  • Unlock the limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in poverty, lack, struggle and comparison.

  • Tap into the vibration and consciousness of abundance and begin to live it now.

  • Transmissions and transformative meditations filled with breathwork, reprogramming your limited subconscious belief systems, energy clearings, activations, soul awakenings, life alignments, aligned actions and more.

  • Over 16 hours of live teachings in 30 days. Expect an elevation without letting old beliefs and patterning catch up to you midway.

  • Includes a workbook so you can journey deep into your own personal blocks and manifestions

Money Is A Powerful Force

It motivates you to work, create and succeed.

Release your past, rewire your mindset, up level your self worth, reorganise your life, home and business, reconnect you back to an abundant universe and then teach yourself how to create and receive the wealth you deserve. 

Let me show you the mindset formula that helped me call in:

£1 000 000 + in total business revenue

£1 000 000 + in property

£100,000 in one month
£40,000 from a 60 minute webinar
£20,000 in a day
£60,000 from one idea

Savings, Pensions, Isa, Stocks, Investment property
Multiple 6 figures in 12 months during a pandemic.

Money is a very powerful force in our world, and it motivates everyone to work, create and succeed.  Money is something that we all need to master so that we move out of surviving and align to thriving. Thriving means that we have everything we could possible want to live a life that is supported, stress free, filled with opportunity, joyous and abundant.

Money is an energy force, a force that when given the right attention can be cultivated to grow. Wealth creation is something we all need to focus on because it weaves through every aspect of our lives. From relationships to family, food to our homes, learning to travel, money is integral to our existence. 

Abundance goes beyond the numerical value of money and asks that you tap into and utilise the infinite life force of creation to gift you with everything that you need to thrive and live the life you love and deserve. 

Abundance is available to everyone, creating physical wealth from the universal energy of abundance is a skill and a super power that everyone needs to learn. No matter your current money story, this course is designed to get you so intimate with money that living an abundant life becomes normal. 

No more looking at others with envy and jealousy.
No more being the victim of your circumstances. 
No more feeling disconnected from what you deserve. 
No more feeling ashamed for desiring more.

It's time to become the creator of your own abundance!

This course is perfect for those who grew up without a money making mindset.

Tap into your soul and rewrite your money story

Creating Abundance Intensive will show you how

The Program

Over 15 in-depth modules and 30 days of intensive teachings, you will discover a new way to create and experience more abundance. This is a powerful vortex of change.

  • Multidimensional Prosperity

    Prosperity is the state of being wealthy, or having a rich and full life. An example of prosperity is a person who is living a rich and full life with all the money and happiness he needs. Multidimensional prosperity is taking that awareness to a whole new level and training your system to recircuit into a prosperous reality where there is the experience of abundance flowing in every moment of your life from cleaning your house, to having an ecstatic dance,  to creating income streams that create physical wealth. One thing is for sure the more you live in a prosperous consciousness every moment of every day the quicker it manifests as a tangible success in your life. Expect a massive upgrade from the the spiritual realms to the physical - a multidimensional recircuiting is powerful! Do you think you can handle it? WHEN: 2023 DATES COMING SOON

  • Group Coaching

    Group coaching is as powerful as a masterclass. We do live hot seat laser coaching to solve your deepest wealth creating problems, answer questions and provide super sustainable strategies to implement. This is also the perfect place to ensure you integrate the teachings of the masterclasses and receive further upgrades. And we get to hang out) WHEN: 2023 DATES COMING SOON

  • Healing Debt & Poverty Consciousness

    Recovering from debt is not easy. It can often feel like we are being pulled back into the past where we are enslaved to a decision we made years ago. Sometimes the decision was necessary but often times could have been made in haste, or through desire or need to impress and have.  Debt holes can make us feel like we are in failure holes, regret holes, mistake and resentment holes.  For some these financial holes get bigger and bigger over time where we live on creating more debt in our lives just to live.  This continuous experience moves us out of an abundant mindset and keeps us spiraling into poverty consciousness. It's time to free yourself from this cycle.  WHEN: 2023 DATES COMING SOON

  • Group Coaching

    Group coaching is as powerful as a masterclass. We do live hot seat laser coaching to solve your deepest wealth creating problems, answer questions and provide super sustainable strategies to implement. This is also the perfect place to ensure you integrate the teachings of the masterclasses and receive further upgrades. And we get to hang out. WHEN: 2023 DATES COMING SOON

  • The Emotional Energetics Behind Wealth Creation

    The aim of the game is to create physical abundance and tangible wealth. It is not an easy ride and the rollercoaster of emotions you have behind the scenes are crazy. Will I get clients? Will the launch work? Will the deal go through? Should I sign the contract? Will the market crash? I want to earn more but not more than my partner in case he/she stops loving me? Are the friends I have using me for money? The emotional storms behind these questions is a direct reflection of the poverty consciousness you have running. E-motions are energy in motion and can create a storm of extra problems and challenges if you don’t have them in check. In this class you discover the emotional architecture you should be creating to ensure success always. Don’t ever underestimate how the many emotions you have every moment are impacting your wealth creation.  WHEN: 2023 DATES COMING SOON

  • The Zero Point Of Abundance

    This will be the most powerful of all the Creating Abundance Intensive masterclasses. It will be the class that incorporates all the teachings of all the other 14 masterclasses. So do not arrive to this class until you have downloaded and embodied the previous teachings. The Zero Point Of Abundance is a mysterious and profound gateway into an eternal well of prosperity and co- creation manifestation powers. This class takes you to the point where everything and nothing co exists and activates you to access the divine and mysterious powers the universe has for your current soul incarnation. You are after all a master who has decided to incarnate and elevate reality to experience abundance. WHEN: 2023 DATES COMING SOON


  • The Anatomy of Abundance

    Abundance is our birthright. We are not all born into abundance but we are all definitely meant to create it. Some of us struggle with a feeling of lack. Others struggle with the fear of manifesting. The reasons why you do not have abundance in your life now can be complex. In this Masterclass we unlock your poverty consciousness and step you into being able to create abundance with ease and flow. Discover the mindset that creates £10K+ months and wake up to your wealth creation potential. Unlock the limiting beliefs that keep you trapped in poverty, lack, struggle and comparison. Tap into the vibration and consciousness of abundance and begin to live it now.

  • The Blocks that Destroy Abundance

    Abundance loves to create abundance so let's make sure you are vibing at that reality. Not your current one which destroys it. In this class we go deep into your subconscious and release the obstacles you unknowingly create to sabotage your abundance. Unlock the 13 mindsets that destroy and hinder abundance flowing into your life. Discover 3 easy steps that effortlessly release the saboteur within. You will definitely be surprised how much your subconscious takes over and keeps you trapped in lack. Learn how to raise and expand your frequency to hold a greater vortex of abundance for your life. 

  • The Power of Money

    Money is the one of the most powerful forces in our world - it can make or break people. Discover how money influences you and learn how to use the power of it to your advantage. You will unlock how money negatively influences your ego, your inner child, your success, your family, friends and relationships. Then you will learn to harness money as a creative force of power to enhance all areas of your life. Money is an energy and loves attention, discover how you can use it in the right way.

  • Loving Yourself To Millions

    The biggest issue that stops people from creating and receiving money is unworthiness. We all have money shame and drama but we don’t have to carry the tragedy of it to affect our present and our future. Debt, job loss, minimal wages, missed opportunities and poverty consciousness can scar one for years, decades and for some their lifetime. Unlock yourself from your money story and learn the art of loving yourself to millions. Self worth will increase your ability to receive, a vital key to calling in abundance. This is the elevation you have been needing to rise above the past so that you can create a new wealthy future. Learn to get into the mindset of asking for more and commanding higher prices with ease because you totally are worth it and deserve it.

  • Releasing Your Ancestral Money Story

    The relationship you have to money and the existence of whether you have the ability to manifest abundance or not, usually comes down to the story written in your DNA. Whether you are aware of it or not the money story of your mother, father, your grandparents, your ancestors, the culture and your race travels through your DNA and influences the decisions you make on a subconscious level. In the class you will rediscover your soul’s independence from the human money script your were born into. Expect a big up level to your relationship with self, wealth creation and the experience of abundance after this class.

  • Upleveling Your Environment

    To call in more money and abundance you have to be surrounded by the frequency of it. Uplevelling your environment is more that just surrounding yourself with beautiful things to look at or wear. It is about you discovering what you will no longer tolerate, letting go and then learning to call in the next level of people, situations, and experiences that can both enhance and confirm more abundance in your life. This skill is the beginning of you learning to play with your manifestations power and the Universe’s desire to give you what you ask for.

  • Freeing Your Creation Powers

    You are born to be a conscious creator and the greatest joy of the human experience is to create wealth from your ideas, desires and soul. Except many have not learnt how to access these innate powers of creation. In this class you will activate your natural manifesting abilities and then you will learn to master the energetics behind creating your dreams and desires into reality. You will learn the mechanics and power behind intentions, manufactured versus soul aligned manifestations, the alchemical journey of bringing your desires into the real world and how being in soul alignment can navigate you towards larger financial and life rewards.

  • Embodying Money, Millions & Abundance

    In this class we bring abundance right down to the physical and cellular levels. Once you have rewritten your DNA, released your limiting beliefs, increased your self worth to receive, unlocked your creation powers then you must learn to embody abundance until you become it. Only then will you truly be able to impact and influence reality with your intentions. Abundance loves to be embodied and you will discover powerful tricks and easy techniques that can help you magnetise and attract wealth. Becoming abundance then becomes a beautiful dance of intending, accepting and dancing in the quantum magic of the universe.

  • The Increasing Wealth Launch Formula

    Discover the energetics behind calling in more money and customers when you launch a product, service or course. This is the art of scaling; the ability to call in more money for doing the same amount of work. Did you know you can create an energetic vortex to attract and pull more money and customers to you? Discover how to do this plus learn how to increase your capacity to keep receiving more and more. Once you learn the energetics behind manifesting creating abundance becomes easy.

  • Living Your Life As An Abundant Manifestor

    Abundance is a lifestyle and manifesting more abundance is a choice that you can make every day until you achieve the life you desire. You are forever a conscious creator so making the commitment to create the wealth to support your life is essential. This powerful class brings together everything you have learnt on the Abundance Creation Intensive and gives you the energetic blueprint to ensure you always create the wealth needed to support your life. When you step into the alignment that you a constant manifestor of abundance miraculous things being to happen. This is the magic of life we all long for and is available to you with every breath you take.

  • Facebook Community

    Join like minded people who are here to elevate you to the next level. The Facebook group is where we get to share the wins and celebrate the breakthroughs. The quantum field of the collective creates a powerful vortex that will ensure you keep rising to new levels. Feel totally supported and motivated to keep growing.

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime access means that you have these teachings and up levels forever. You can come back to the material again and again. Plus as this is a power vortex I will be adding new classes every year!! A lifetime of upgrades!!!!


“‘Amazingly divine experience! I Highly recommend this transformational CREATING ABUNDANCE INTENSIVE course and high frequency vortex ❤ I've learned soo much about myself, I understood deeper levels of myself by observing myself from different perspectives along the different steps of this incredible course. I transformed so many old patterns that no longer served me and allowed for deeper Trust, Peace and Love within ❤ I not only experienced change in the way I felt, but also allowed for over 20% increase of my income at the time 🎉❤ Truly Divine ❤🎉❤ Thank you Vanya for bringing this magnificent Creation to the World 🙏❤ Love you❤❤❤’ ”

Vanya Tsonova

“Vanya's courses are always WOW!! She has a gentle way of pulling you apart and then putting you back together so that you feel powerful in your life again. With her help I have made some big life choices and I am proud to say I am earning more and doing what I love. I am no longer a SLAVE!! The freedom I feel now is priceless!"”

Tammy Agis

“Vanya’s program was incredible. She is so astute with her delivery and I gained a wealth of information when it comes to abundance. Every week we had tasks to complete and to put our abundance mindset into action. I would highly recommend her program, just for the sake of being in Vanya’s energy.”

Andrew Rowe

“Working with Vanya was exactly what I needed to change my life. I worked on everything with her - my relationship, my finances, my health and my work - it all came down to me feeling too unworthy to have a better life. She is perceptive, gentle and empowering all at once. I gained a new sense of confidence and pride in myself. I left a job that was undervaluing me and found a new one which almost doubled my salary. This was the big change I needed to accept that I am a capable independent woman who can have more, be more and receive more. I defiantly feel more beautiful and more importantly I am allowed to be beautiful - something I felt ashamed of for years. Thank you Vanya. I loved working with you.”

Noura Albadi, Lawyer

“Vanya! I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for all the amazing sessions I had with you. I believe they are the equivalent of lifetimes of healing. Also wanted to share what I've noticed after our last amazing session. My period got shorter and lighter, my hair stopped falling and started looking healthier. I stopped rescuing people and I am now focusing on myself and my journey. I released the fear of driving, of being visible and fear of technology. I already did my first webinar which I really enjoyed and so did the participants. Technology would make me angry instantly and the idea of a webinar would give me a panic attack. And here I am planning the next one and working on my website. I am not selling myself short and not giving myself away anymore. Started feeling inspired towards my soul purpose and having ideas that light me up. Yes, all that after the last session!! Thank you for being such a powerful transformer, mentor and inspiration. Beyond grateful!”

Eva Burner

Transformation & Manifestation

Move into alignment with the quantum flow of abundance that naturally exists within and around you.

What's Included:

CREATING ABUNDANCE INTENSIVE is a vortex of transformation. Be prepared to get a deep rewiring and life up levelling. Your relationship with money, wealth and abundance will change forever. Are you ready for more?

  • 15 Intensive Classes with Energy Upgrades & Group Coaching


    Yes each of the 15 classes is so powerful it is valued at £1000 each (£15000). I have been teaching abundance and manifestations for over 10 years and have created profound shifts in people's lives. The internal work is what always shifts the external reality. Now it's your turn to be the conscious creator of your life.

  • Gift Voucher to BEYOND - 1 year mastermind & mentoring


    The BEYOND Program is going to totally ROCK your world. If you have ever wanted to live your soul purpose, be an online star with your own prosperous empire then let me show you how! RELEASING in Autumn 2022 (*if you purchased this program before September 2022 the gift voucher will have a different value. Please enquire)

  • Lifetime Access & Endless New Classes


    Lifetime access means that you have these teachings and up levels forever. You can come back to the material again and again. As you know the more you awaken the deeper you will go - Creating Abundance Intensive is timeless because the quantum field you enter into with it is infinite. Plus every year when I run this program I will be adding more classes. THIS VORTEX IS GOING TO GET STRONGER & MORE POWERFUL EVERY YEAR!!!

Abundance always creates more abundance

£15,000+ value and trust me I have paid more for abundance mindset courses. But I wished when I was earning very little there was something more affordable for me. That was high quality and gave me the elevation I needed. So this is for you!

Pricing Options

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*** Failure to complete all payments within a payment plan will result in automatic unenrolment in the course. For lifetime access, all payments in the payment plan must be completed. Coupons cannot be use on payment plans. Any further questions please email

A Vortex of Transformation that Gets More Powerful Every year!!!

You get lifetime access and new classes will be added every year. This vortex will get stronger. This is an exceptional container of elevation.

It's your turn to...

Walk through life without feeling limited, knowing that every decision and action you make will be universally supported with abundance. This mindset is not an illusion, it is an energetic alignment that is easy to achieve and millions of people around the world are waking up to their manifesting abundance abilities. It's your turn now!

My Money Story

'It's something other people have..'

I am someone who never talks about money. Maybe because I grew up without it and wanting something I didn’t have, made my heart break. Or, perhaps it’s to do with being ‘spiritual’ and learning to bypass money’s importance because one should excel without it and not be ruled by it. Either way, money has always felt like something other people have, not me. But money is integral to the quality of our lives and therefore should be respected and upheld as a creative force that benefits all lives. Money needs to be honoured so that abundance and love come into alignment with each other, making wealth creation a divine, soul driven experience.

Work hard and don't get into debt

Trying to make ends meet

I grew up in a small town where nobody was wealthy. People worked hard and lived simple lives. There was no pressure to be wealthy, everyone had the mentality of ‘this will do’ and there was no reason to succeed. My mother was a single parent, and I grew up on welfare. My family was always trying to make ends meet, and there was never enough money for the basics. I learnt to live with very little and not want for anything. I began working at 14 years old and bought all of my schoolbooks and clothes. By the time I left school, all I knew was to work hard, don’t get into debt, don’t have any desires that cost money and save. And that I did. Except all this mindset did was keep me so small that I didn’t dare do anything outside the box, and so I worked 6 days a week for minimal pay. This contracted state made me block my soul urges, my creative urges, and my entrepreneurial spirit. Just work and save, but there came a point where working hard and denying my deeper purpose destroyed me a little more every day, until I became totally removed from being able to create more.

I made a stupid decision

And hit rock bottom

Then I moved from Australia to the United Kingdom with one bag of possessions, a working visa and about £3000 in my bank account. I spent some time travelling and then made a very stupid decision that left me on the streets of London with no money, even my back pack and clothes were stolen. This was my absolute rock bottom. I lost everything, including my confidence and self worth. After I spent month wallowing in self pity for my tragic life. I finally took responsibility and promised myself that I would never get so low ever again. I knew it was up to me to create the life I deserved. I let go of ‘winning the lottery’ and waiting for the ‘magical day’ where everything would be perfect. Instead, I learnt some extraordinary techniques that helped me transform my limiting beliefs and experiences around money so that I could create wealth in my life.

We all have the ability to change our destiny...

And this is how I can now earn:

£1 000 000+ in total business revenue

£1 00 00 00+ in property

£100 000 in one month.

£40,000 from a 60 minute webinar

£20,000 in a day

£60,000 from one idea

Multiple 6 figures during a pandemic

Savings, Pension, ISA, Stoks, Investment Property

Travel to almost 45 countries with a new one every year

Support charities 

Work with royalty and celebrities 

Be generous with my friends

And treat myself often

What I share in this course is real is with real results!

I learnt to work with the hidden mechanics of universal abundance, and it changed my life. 

And you can learn to do this as well!! We all have the ability to change our destiny. 

 Let me show you how!

Lifetime Access & Endless Upgrades

This course is not about affirmations, or writing yourself pretend cheques of a million dollars, or visualising yourself lucky. It is a program that has been designed to clear your past, up level your mindset, and awaken you to live in an abundant universe so that you can become a conscious manifestor and creator of wealth. With lifetime access and timeless upgrades you can use this program again and again to call in what you absolutely deserve.

Money is a super power that allows you to consciously create!

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Being able to consciously create is a superpower that creates more abundance!

Get started now