Learn To Live In Heaven

Clear the baggage from your past, return your heart to love, cultivate your sexual energy to be a sacred source of vitality, awaken your intuition and learn to live in heaven.

In This Live Recording:

You Will Learn:

  • Love Is The Human Experience Of Heaven

    Discover that the human spiritual journey is to master love in all areas of your life. Love is your essence, your origin and your destination. Enjoy a guided meditation that raises your vibration to love so that you can manifest more abundance in your life.

  • Incarnating Into The Body

    Discover the human spiritual path towards enlightenment and the challenges that your soul may have when incarnating into the body. We will explore the genetic, historic and collective consciousness limitations that may present themselves as distortions like illness or lower emotions like sadness, grief and loneliness. Includes an energy clearing session to release you from your past and heal your heart so that you can return to love.

  • Sacred Source Of Vitality

    Transform your sexual energy to be a sacred source of vitality and learn to connect it to your heart. When the heart and sexual energy unites a divine inner marriage will take place and this will ensure you become your own soul mate. Discover how to cultivate and sublimate your sexual energy into spiritual energy with ancient exercise techniques.

  • Awaken Your Intuition

    As your heart opens with love and your body activates with vitality - your intuition will be the next spiritual gift to develop. Discover how your senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste turn into your psychic senses. Intuition is vital if you would like to navigate towards your destiny. Includes an intuition activation meditation.

A masterclass that will change the way you relate to your body and life.