Jade Empress

Explore a 5000 year old practice.

Jade Empress is a guided journey that helps you to become intimate with the most sacred object a woman can own.  The jade or yoni egg practice originally began in ancient China, dating back some 3000 years ago.  It was used by Taoist priestess' to help cultivate their sexual energy to aid their spiritual evolution. Today women all over the world are using the yoni egg to awaken their sexual energy into being a sacred source of nourishment. 

The yoni egg trains the delicate muscles of the vagina to hold in and not leak sexual life force. When sexual life force is contained it can be recirculated to energise the heart, rejuvenate the body, give a glow to the skin and promote anti ageing.

  This course is a truly magical journey that will help you to love the most sacred temple in the universe - your yoni, a sanskrit word for vagina translating as ’source’

Unlock the magic of your Yoni Egg

In six classes you will:

  • 1. Yoni Egg 101

    Yoni Egg 101 teaches you the fundamentals of using a yoni egg. From choosing, cleaning, clearing, stringing, laying and storing - you will learn all the techniques that make your yoni egg magical. In this lesson you also be taught how to energetically clear your egg.

  • 2. Connecting With Your Egg

    Before using your yoni egg, you must spend sometime connecting to it. In this lesson you will honour your egg as a sacred item and infuse it with your energy. When you bond with your egg, you also activate the crystal healing properties of it. A super magical lesson that will elevate your egg into being a sacred object.

  • 3. Yoni Egg Initiation

    The Yoni egg initiation is a sacred ritual that you perform the first time you insert the egg. This is a beautiful act, where you will learn to sip your egg into your inner temple. You inner temple is the most sacred chamber of your body, and in this initiation we honour the area as a divine space and activate your sexual energy as a sacred force.

  • 4. Yoni Egg Workout

    In this lesson you get a little practical and are invited to do some yoni yoga to really strengthen all the muscles in your sexual palace. Your intimate muscles contract and releases to help create wonderful orgasms. Just like going to the gym, the only way you can increase muscle health, tone and strength is by working them.

  • 5. Healing With The Yoni Egg

    Our mind, emotions, spirit and body are deeply intertwined with our sexuality. They all belong together and can not be separated. To be fully expressed in your sensual nature you must have access to all of your emotional nature, all of your mind, all of your spirt, body and sexuality. Sensuality needs freedom to exists, and sometimes healing is required to liberate the trapped emotions, memories and traumas that may be stored in the body. In this lesson you will focus on healing and clearing the sexual palace with your yoni egg.

  • 6. Sensual Yoni Egg

    This lesson gives you the opportunity to let your sexual energy make love to you. You will be guided to relax deep into your womb space and contact your sexual energy. Then you will be guided through certain exercises to circulate your life force through your body so that your sexual energy blossoms. From head to toe, womb to heart and body to soul. A very powerful and wildly sensual exercise so be prepared for your feminine soul to be deeply nourished. The meditation will end with a manifestation exercise.

Make friends with the most sacred object a woman can own

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Jade Empress

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