Jade Empress

Explore a 5000 year old practice.

Jade Empress is a guided journey that helps you to become intimate with the most sacred object a woman can own.  The jade or yoni egg practice originally began in ancient China, dating back some 3000 years ago.  It was used by Taoist priestess' to help cultivate their sexual energy to aid their spiritual evolution. Today women all over the world are using the yoni egg to awaken their sexual energy into being a sacred source of nourishment. 

The yoni egg trains the delicate muscles of the vagina to hold in and not leak sexual life force. When sexual life force is contained it can be recirculated to energise the heart, rejuvenate the body, give a glow to the skin and promote anti ageing.

  This course is a truly magical journey that will help you to love the most sacred temple in the universe - your yoni, a sanskrit word for vagina translating as ’source’

Your journey begins with 3 live Sexual Priestess Masterclasses:

Sexual Priestess Initiation with Jade/Yoni Egg Clearing


The Sexual Priestess is a woman who knows the sacred power of her sexual energy to rejuvenate her body, beauty and life. She knows that it is key to her magnetism and the elixir of her eternal youth. The Sexual Priestess is unafraid of the power her sexual energy has. It is her wildness, her deliciousness, her power that ensures she honours her sovereign self worth. In this masterclass we unlock the shame, guilt, tragedy, heartbreak and collapse of your sacred sexual energy. Then return it to the ancient priestess powers of using it to revolutionize your life. If you are after an unshakable force that will make you glow forever then this is it. You will learn techniques to activate your sexual energy and then learn to direct it through your body to magnetise for a more exquisite life. We also dive into clearing, activating and preparing you and your Jade/Yoni Egg for the next masterclass.

Jade/Yoni Egg Initiation


The Jade/Yoni Egg Initiation is a ceremony that every woman should do at least once in her life. It is your opportunity to honour the most sacred inner temple of your female body. If as women we honour our sexual palace first before anyone else can will have profound effects on your sexual identity and worth. It will also help you to get super clear on your body's 'yes' and 'no', and this will empower your consent options in all intimate situations. This initiation is a beautiful act of self love, where you learn to sip the jade/yoni egg into your temple for the first time. It can be as profound as losing your virginity again. You will also learn to activate your own divine inner marriage with the egg so that you always feel 'in love'. And there is nothing more precious for a woman than to carry the 'in love' feeling always. It is the key to a magical life of romance and soul mates.

Sexual Priestess & The Divine Union Initiation


The Sexual Priestess always takes her internal sacred sexual energy activations and gifts them to her partner and to life. We unlock Chapter 12 of my latest book Sacred Revolution - The Union Of Sensual Enlightenment. You will discover how to create divine union with your soul mates sexual energy, plus you will be taken to the higher heights of applying the same principles to allow the entire universe to make love to you. You will also learn the secrets of how to discern the quality of a potential soulmate for your beautiful body and whether it aligns to your sacred worth. Then we will end with a sexual energy manifestation to magnetise your deepest heart's desire to you. A truly magical ceremony that will leave you elevated as a divine woman.

Go deeper and master the Jade egg with lifetime access to the online course.

Unlocking the magic of your Yoni Egg

In six classes you will:

  • 1. Yoni Egg 101

    Yoni Egg 101 teaches you the fundamentals of using a yoni egg. From choosing, cleaning, clearing, stringing, laying and storing - you will learn all the techniques that make your yoni egg magical. In this lesson you also be taught how to energetically clear your egg.

  • 2. Connecting With Your Egg

    Before using your yoni egg, you must spend sometime connecting to it. In this lesson you will honour your egg as a sacred item and infuse it with your energy. When you bond with your egg, you also activate the crystal healing properties of it. A super magical lesson that will elevate your egg into being a sacred object.

  • 3. Yoni Egg Initiation

    The Yoni egg initiation is a sacred ritual that you perform the first time you insert the egg. This is a beautiful act, where you will learn to sip your egg into your inner temple. You inner temple is the most sacred chamber of your body, and in this initiation we honour the area as a divine space and activate your sexual energy as a sacred force.

  • 4. Yoni Egg Workout

    In this lesson you get a little practical and are invited to do some yoni yoga to really strengthen all the muscles in your sexual palace. Your intimate muscles contract and releases to help create wonderful orgasms. Just like going to the gym, the only way you can increase muscle health, tone and strength is by working them.

  • 5. Healing With The Yoni Egg

    Our mind, emotions, spirit and body are deeply intertwined with our sexuality. They all belong together and can not be separated. To be fully expressed in your sensual nature you must have access to all of your emotional nature, all of your mind, all of your spirt, body and sexuality. Sensuality needs freedom to exists, and sometimes healing is required to liberate the trapped emotions, memories and traumas that may be stored in the body. In this lesson you will focus on healing and clearing the sexual palace with your yoni egg.

  • 6. Sensual Yoni Egg

    This lesson gives you the opportunity to let your sexual energy make love to you. You will be guided to relax deep into your womb space and contact your sexual energy. Then you will be guided through certain exercises to circulate your life force through your body so that your sexual energy blossoms. From head to toe, womb to heart and body to soul. A very powerful and wildly sensual exercise so be prepared for your feminine soul to be deeply nourished. The meditation will end with a manifestation exercise.

Make friends with the most sacred object a woman can own

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What others are saying...

“Dear Vanya, After the 3 day sexuality priestess I started to let go of a lot of old stuck things. Space was created in my body. My body and being were made ready to reclaim my priestess. I now feel completely renewed energized inline with my strength. This was the missing piece of my femininity. I cannot thank you enough for your gentle yet powerful guidance in reclaiming this part of me. I wish every woman your expertise. From the bottom of my heart 🙏💓🌟🔥”


“Beautiful Vanya, So, the shifts after the first ceremony.... The kundalini awakening has stirred tremors of bliss and waves of pleasure - was beautiful beyond words... and felt my cervix and womb releasing old information- to the extent that I got my period yesterday and since I feel I am continuing releasing. Also, claiming the alignment of the sacred priestess and feeling into how this archetype wants to be expressed is exquisite!! I love your work Vanya and feel so blessed I have the chance to be with you/in your tribe since you started your incredible women’s work offerings ♥️”


“I am grateful to have Vanya for teaching these secret meditations. I was always insecure all of my life comparing with other women and always felt left by men. Your meditation made me inspired and motivated to have trust and connected to myself again. Love you for sharing such valuable teachings. ✨”


“Today I did the first day ceremony omg 😱 so so powerful and beautiful. I cried and felt my breasts so ancient and body so ancient I was so aroused just by looking at it and feeling. Thank you thank you! Really felt it strongly! I have a big belly at the moment and I felt extremely sexy! It’s the part I most disliked about my body but it felt the sexiest.”


Jade Empress & Sexual Priestess Activation

Includes 3 x Masterclasses, The Jade Empress Online Course Plus Bonus. Yoni Egg not included. With lifetime access you can enjoy the magic of your yoni egg again and again. All for £97

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Vanya Silverten

Vanya Silverten works internationally as an intuitive energy healer and teacher. With clients and students from over 50 countries, she has a passion to help individuals transform all aspects of their lives. She has worked with children, celebrities, athletes and royalty.  Her greatest joy is to teach people the skills of healing and intuition so that they can master their own lives. Vanya believes healing is an art, and so has refined her gifted intuition through the experience of treating, reading and teaching 10,000+ people. OK magazine has described her work as 'cathartic' and 'uplifting.' Vanya is a Master Theta Healer and has taught over 160 courses in six different countries. She has developed the energetic understanding of how the body, mind and soul functions through her extensive training and experience. She passes this knowledge on by teaching and qualifying students to become practitioners of Theta Healing®. Vanya is also a qualified Nutritional Therapist. She has studied and worked extensively with herbs, vitamins, homeopathy and Australian Bush Flower Essences. Vanya is experienced at helping her clients overcome food allergies and sensitivities, hormonal and nervous problems. She encourages vibrant health and well-being. Vanya has recently become a mother to a beautiful daughter. This life changing experience has deepened her appreciation of being a woman. To celebrate she has developed a system for women to reach heighten states of enlightenment in their body temples. Her latest #1 best selling book Sacred Revolution and her Sensual Enlightenment Academy are a must for every woman.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the Yoni Egg included?

    No the Yoni Egg is not included. You will need to purchase your own. They can be found on amazon and etsy. We recommend a jade nephrite egg.

  • I won't be able to make all the live events

    No problem all live events will be recorded and available for you to watch whenever you choose.

  • I already have the Jade Empress course how is this different?

    Although this contains the Jade Empress you also get 3 x Live masterclasses into becoming a Sexual Priestess. You can get a 33% discount if you have already purchased Jade empress. Please email here contact@vanyasilverten.com

  • I have more questions...

    Yes we would love to hear from you. Please drop us an email: contact@vanyasilverten.com