Hey Beautiful Woman,

Are you ready to melt into your sensual magic?

Reclaim your body as a sacred temple?

Rediscover yourself as beautiful?

And reconnect to the freedom that exists in your heart?

If that’s a yes, then you are invited to the Living Goddess Retreat.  

A six day escape surrounded by nature in the south of Spain.  Pack your bags and join me in a deeply sensual and transformational journey into your exquisite female body temple.  Now is the time to unlock your power  and reignite the magic that lies deep within.  The invitation is to let your inner beauty become your outer radiance.

Be prepared for your feminine soul to be deeply nourished.

23rd July - 29th July 2023



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Should a place come up on this years retreat we will contact your directly! 

From head to toe, heart to womb, body to soul you are being called to awaken.


Waking up to the sounds of birds.

The sun on your face, the wind through your hair. Surrounded by nature and nestled on a beautiful mountain on the Costa Del Sol in Spain. Butterflies flirt and bees hum collecting honey. Go for a nature walk and find brightly coloured flowers hidden in the gardens. Every day begins celebrating your beautiful body through morning dance and yoga classes. Then be nourished with a healthy breakfast buffet at 10am.

Celebrate your female body temple.

Let's go deep into the cave.

Spend the morning in the yoga hall which boasts large floor-to-ceiling windows with views across the beautiful Andalucian valley. A secret door allows to enter further into the inner stillness of the caves. A perfect hideaway for meditation and natural air conditioning during the summer months. Be held in love by your sisters as you participate in deep transformational exercise. They may make your cry and they may make you laugh but they are all designed to help you awaken to your authentic ....and very beautiful self.

Refresh, rejuvenate, recharge....

You deserve to be treated.

In the middle of the day you will have free time to refresh yourself. Eat some fruit and take a swim in the magical pool. Sunbath, have a nature walk, enjoy the waterfalls or pamper yourself with massages and beauty treatments in the spa. You may even like to have a little siesta or beauty nap before the afternoon session begins. Your afternoon session focuses on rejuvenating and cultivating your sexual energy to be a source of vitality. Through sacred movement exercises you will learn to reconnect back to the most beautiful parts of your being. The shifts that can occur from the afternoon practices are life changing.

Under the stars

And the summer night sky....

Recharge with the evening buffet at 6pm and enjoy delicious vegetarian food. Gather, talk, share and commune with all the woman. Every night is a gentle party and celebration of the days shifts. Watch the stars, talk to the moon, listen to the frogs and the sounds of nature going to sleep. Enjoy an evening meditation on the outside terrace under the stars or by candle light in the caves. Enjoy silence as you shower and tuck yourself into bed for a peaceful sleep. In the morning wake to the sounds of birds..again….and again…..and again.

The Living Goddess Retreat

Transform the relationship you have with your body....and your life!

  • Inner Beauty Outer Radiance

    Redefine and accept yourself as uniquely beautiful. Step into being a confident and intuitive woman who has the power to create abundance and shine love in all areas your life.

  • Reclaim Your Sacred Sexual Energy

    Discover your sexual energy as a sacred source of vitality. Learn to cultivate it to unite with your heart so that you can become your own soul mate.

  • Youth & Vitality

    Discover the secrets of how to remain youthful and vibrant forever. Learn the anti-aging facial massage and discover new ways to live in your beautiful body temple.

  • Deep Healing & Transformation

    Move out of low self esteem, shyness and body image issues. Release past trauma's, heal your female health problems and matriarchal line. Learn to be supported by other woman.

  • Healthy Eating & Detoxification

    Reset your diet and relationship to food with healthy eating. Enjoy many sensual exercise technique that will naturally help to detoxify your body.

  • Rest & Relaxation

    With ample free time and early nights this retreat will ensure your body gets a chance to rest from your busy lifestyle. Visit the spa, take a nature walk, sunbath, swim or have a siesta.

Sample Day

7:00 Your time to relax, journal, meditate and drink some detoxifying hot lemon tea.

8:00 Morning Goddess Movement Session - yoga, dance and sexual vitality qi gong

10:00 Healthy Breakfast Buffet

11:00 Morning Session Begins 

13:00 Afternoon Tea & Refreshment Break

13:30 Afternoon Session Begins

15:00 Free time for spa, siesta, nature walks and swimming.

18:30  Delicious Dinner Buffet

19:30 Evening Session Begins.

21:30 Free time, shower and bed.


“Living Goddess course was amazing... it awakened so many parts of me that were dormant! The notion and possibility of having an orgasmic experience with the universe is mind blowing ! Highlight of the course was the crystal layout I went in not expecting anything and hoping I would see something but the moment the crystals were Laid on me so much activation was going on and I was able to heal my matriarchal line which was full of sexual suppression as well as healing mother issues with Mother Gaia which I have been working on for so long but only gradual healings were made but through mother Gaia I felt I healed years and years of old wounds I also felt that the group was being healed too ! This is just to name a few so many healings and awakenings happened in that class difficult to put it here I felt I need a book to write my whole experience Towards the end I felt so empowered yet calm and centered in my own power Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us. Vanya I love you. ”

May Ghanem AlNajjar

“When I started there was a little girl inside even if I am older then 35🤣 and finished as a WOMAN.⠀
For Future Goddess: I took the course because I wanted to change habits etc, learning more, for me this is a journey since March last year, one of my life purpose time/place most probably....⠀
OMG...During the course not only have cleared lots of blocks, mother-father issue, fears, changed negative feelings, bad and abusive memories but also got back my feminine power/energy, learned how respect myself and others.⠀
Now, I am one of the extremely confident superwoman who is able to manifest everything and if I look into the mirror I really like Krisztina 😇⠀
So ladies.. this course is highly recommended!!!!⠀

Vanya, I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart and I support you to teach all the woman to awaken the Goddess inside!!!⠀
I hope next level is coming soon😉⠀
God bless you!””

Krizstina Beres

“It’s been a really long and mostly a heartbreaking journey back for me. I felt I’d numbed significant connections with my heart for the longest time because things felt too raw and broken to dare feel into for any period of time. You’ve helped support me to take back myself and I feel that change in me could only have been facilitated from a place of pure love. I’m blessed to have found you and hugely appreciate the space of pure love you uniquely bring every time and without fail. It’s an energy from which anything good can birth, and does. I really honour you, your work , your forethought , your approach and your consideration in all matters. We’re blessed to have you dear Vanya and I’m blessed to work with you. ❤️🙏🌺”

Sarine Taylor

“"The Goddess courses were way beyond my expectations! It was so magical yet grounding. Vanya is FULL of love, passion and compassion, grace and power and I can mirror all these qualities into myself now. So much healing and transformation took place, I felt in love with myself and the universe and I now dance like no one is watching because I no longer beat myself up for my past! I trust the flow of life again. Thank you so much Vanya from the bottom of my heart, you so deeply healed me, likely more than you know! ”

Alessandra Fasto

Your Female Body Is Designed To Blossom

Sensual Enlightenment

A woman's sacred path of love.

A women’s body is exquisite in design and deep within your cells lives a sensual magic that is longing to blossom. The Living Goddess Retreat takes you deep into your sacred sexuality and teaches you how to use this divine force to experience sensual enlightenments. 

Sensual Enlightenment occurs when you are able to love yourself so much, that you call the entire universe to fall in love and make love to you.


From this high vibrational state a women’s heart is continuously fuelled by her sexual energy to blossom with love, making her feel empowered with compassion. This is also the state were intuition awakens and the dimension where more miracles are able to occur. Your sexual life force is in incredible energy of creation and can be used to aid anything your heart desires. It could be love, health, vitality, harmony, strength, clarity, abundance, business, relationships, finances, self-knowledge, or any other goal.

Begin your journey now with the Sensual Body Yoga Guided Meditation:

Retreat Curriculum

Day One

We gather in Malaga at 1.30pm and take the transfer to the venue. There will be time to settle in refresh and take a dip in the pool. At 4.00pm the first session begins with a welcome circle. Followed by delicious dinner and a goddess initiation ceremony in the caves by candlelight. In ancient goddess mythology caves represent the womb, the sacred place of creation and new life.


Living Goddess Level I - Course Curriculum

Day Two

Day two of this retreat focuses on cultivating your sexual energy to be a source of vitality and rejuvenation. Just like a flower your female body temple has been designed to flower with ecstatic joy and bliss. This is achieved when the sexual life force is trained to move up the body towards the heavens. A perfect remedy to defy gravity and promote anti ageing, your inner beauty will learn to become your outer radiance. The day will finish with an anti -ageing facial massage and meditation.

  • Cultivate your sexual energy to be a source of vitality.

  • Heal the wounds of your matriarchal line so that you can move forward in your life.

  • Heal the female shame, guilt and unworthiness that may be stored in your womb.

  • Discover how to blossom joy through your body with breath, sound and smiling.

Day Three

On day three, you will access the forgotten female gifts of intuition, healing and creative manifestation. Through a crystal layout you will connect to the gifts of your female ancestors, get blessings from the Goddesses and remember the qualities of your divine femininity. Then you will explore the magnetic energy of a woman who is in love with both herself and life. This will help you truly step into your power and live your purpose. The day will close with a Goddess manifestation ritual.

  • Explore ecstatic embodiment and awaken the sensual energy pathways of the female body.

  • Claim your power and discover where you leak your energy.

  • Nourish your body with the sun, moon, stars and earth instead of sugar.

  • Learn to stand in the core of your power so the life you love magnetises towards you.


Living Goddess Level II - Course Curriculum

Day Four

A submersion into the exquisite potential of your sacred sexual energy. You will explore the blocks that can occur in the chakras as the sexual life force moves up towards the heavens. Then learn to release them through transformative meditation. You will also discover the sacred movement techniques that open your body like a flower so the divine universe can make love to you. It is from this space that you can experience full body orgasms. There will also be guidance of how to heal and balance your hormones with breast massage and sexual life force healings. Healthy hormones are essential to the wellbeing of a women’s body, mind and emotions. Special attention will be given to the thyroid gland, which maintains weight regulation and the general feeling of aliveness in the body. The day will end with an initiation that celebrates the union of your Goddess self with the heavens.

  • Explore the techniques that awaken the sensual magic of your female body.

  • Discover the healing powers of your sexual energy.

  • Learn to heal, balance and activate your hormones so that your body always feels alive.

  • Unlock the blocks in your thyroid gland so that you can feel empowered to speak your truth.

Day Five

Begin with you discovering how your sexual energy can be used as a healing force. You will learn how to use it to shift stuck and stagnant energy from the body. Then you will venture into the dynamics of the divine male and female energies. Through a variety of techniques you will heal, evolve and unite these two primary energies within so that you can truly live as a powerful woman. There will also be a sacred movement exercise that teaches you how the sun can make love to you. The sun after all has made love to the earth for millions of years. It is through this connection that tree’s learn to grow and flower’s bloom.

  • Heal, evolve and unite the divine male and female energies inside you.

  • Discover what it feels like for the sun and universe to make love to you.

  • Discover the sacred movement techniques that can help your body achieve full body orgasms

Day Six

The sixth day of the retreat is dedicated to the Jade/Yoni egg and reclaiming your divine feminine innocence. You are invited to wear a white dress on this day. The jade egg is a 5000 year old Taoist practice where you use the yoni egg to train and tone the muscles of the vagina. You will learn to cleanse, connect and use your yoni egg. There will also be a special yoni egg initiation ritual, which can be a life changing experience for many women. The day will end with a crystal layout where you will be invited to connect to the sexual wisdom of the Earth.

  • Reclaim your innocence.

  • Explore how the ancient Yoni Egg practice can tone and strengthen your vaginal muscles.

  • Open your intuition with a crystal layout and receive healing transmission to awaken the Goddess within.

Day Seven

Final Day

This is our final day of the retreat. Checkout is at 10am so this gives us the opportunity to have a final sharing circle and celebration dance at 8am. Every end is a new beginning and this day becomes a day of reflection of how you can birth your new sense of self back into life. The transfer will collect and return you back to Malaga by approximately 2.30pm.

About The Venue

'Spain's best yoga retreat.'

Set in the beautiful nature reserve of Andalucía “Sierra de las Nieves” in Southern Spain, with comfort in mind, the entire resort has been purposefully been built. It has everything you would expect from a top luxury yoga retreat and much more. Our yoga retreat facilities are second to none in Spain. In fact the top yoga experts regularly rate it as 'One of the Best Yoga Retreats in the World.'

In addition to hosting a wide range of yoga, detox, meditation, mindfulness, weight loss and other holistic wellbeing courses, it is also very well known for its spa and massage treatments.

A spring of the river “Rio Grande” is born at the entrance of the retreat hamlet. From it, the purest of waters flow through our yoga centre, offering bathing facilities whilst surrounded by the wonderful fragrance of mountain flowers.

The Facilities


The Yoga studio is 100m2 and hand-cut out into the mountain with views across the beautiful Andalucian valley. There is also a terrace for outside yoga sessions.


Over the years, several pristine & beautiful caves have been unearthed, which are superbly suited for stillness, reflection & meditation! Directly via a secret door inside the yoga studio, one can enter these magical spaces, deep inside Mother Earth! They keep the yoga studio superbly cool, without the need of artificial air conditioning.


The magical “Grotto” swimming pool area is very unique, with the pool being built partly into a cave. It does not contain chlorine like most swimming pools but instead is sanitised with a high tech salt water filtration system.

As part of your retreat holiday it is the perfect place to unwind and cool off during the summer weather.


During your stay you will be served delicious, healthy meals, typically vegan/vegetarian in nature.

Glass curtains ensure privacy, but lend to beautiful views of our green valley. Keeping up to date, it also boasts  free wireless internet (WIFI). A perfect place to gather and discuss the day’s activities .


All rooms have en suites and beautifully decorated in Spanish stye. Each room contains warm/cold air conditioning, superbly comfortable beds, ceiling fans, tea making facilities, safes, hair dryers, alarm clocks, electric blinds, summer & winter duvets


Unwind with a variety of massage and therapy treatments, sauna or cool down in the pool

Deep Dive Into Yourself

Living Goddess Retreat




Payment Plan 3 x £457



Payment Plan 3 x £677

23rd July - 29th July 2023


  • Living Goddess Level One.
  • Living Goddess Level Two.
  • 6 Days of Teaching, meditations, yoga, dance and transformation.
  • Goody bag with goddess treats.
  • Bag of Crystals (you may like to bring your own special crystals as well)
  • Yoni Egg.
  • Refreshments.
  • Transfers to and from the venue (1pm on date of arrival)
  • A special pre retreat gift.


  •  Flight - nearest airport is Malaga, Spain. Book early and save on your ticket price.  The lowest air flight companies are Easyjet, Ryanair, Iberia, Jet2 and occasionally BA has some good deals.
  • Accommodation - you will pay the venue upon arrival. It will be approximately €636 for 6 nights stay, and it includes all meals.  This is based on twin share accommodation, other options are available with a supplement fee. When you book you will automatically be allocated a room.
  • Massages and beauty treatments at the spa. 
  • Travel Insurance

Cancellations policy – 

Cancel 90 days + before Check in date to receive a full refund 

Cancel 60 – 89 Days before check in to receive a 50% refund and 50% to exchange for another Vanya Silverten Product. 

Cancel 30 – 59 exchange your purchase for another product or defer.

Cancel 0 – 29 days before check in. No refund. 




Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you read the terms below to ensure a smooth flowing retreat.


    All travel arrangements are your responsibility and at you own cost. We shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from delays or cancellations in any of the companies you may have made arrangements with, or for any irregularities in your documentation required for travel. 


    Due to current covid conditions a full refund on the Living Goddess course will be refunded if your travel circumstances change. Or you can transfer your place to the follow year. Reservations are for the total period of the retreat and you will not be refunded for any unused portion of the retreat. In the unlikely event the retreat gets cancelled you will be refunded the full amount of retreat price. This excludes your flights, accommodation, travel transfers and food cost which is at your own expense and will be covered by your own travel insurance.


    This retreat is open to all women of all ages. There will be movement, dance and yoga activates so, this retreat may not be suitable for anyone who is pregnant or has serious physical/medical conditions. If you have had any serious physical or emotional illness within the last 5 years, or are under medical or psychiatric supervision please advise us at the time of booking. If you are in any doubt about your ability to participate in a this style of retreat please contact us beforehand to discuss this. PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE ADEQUATE TRAVEL INSURANCE TO COVER YOU FOR YOUR RETREAT.


    Please understand that you are responsible for your own health and well-being during the retreat. Vanya Silverten will not be held liable for any illness, injuries or other medical or emotional problems that may occur, are sustained or aggravated during or after your time on retreat. Vanya Silverten will not accept any responsibility for cancellations, delays or changes cause by war, threat of war, terrorist actions, closure of airports, civil strike, industrial action, natural disasters, disasters, pandemics, technical problems to transport, illness of participants or close relatives/pets, acts of God, any other events beyond our control or unforeseen circumstances. Neither can we be responsible for any loss or damage of property or disruption of program due to circumstances beyond the control of Vanya Silverten.


    By booking the retreat you agree to the terms and conditions.


    Please check your country of origin for entry requirements into Spain. Spain is currently requiring a vaccine passport, proof of covid infection, or negative test response plus filling out a health form 24 hours before arrival. If covid infection develops prior to retreat and you are unable to attend. A full refund will be given with proof of positive test.

Once you book you will be invited into the retreat portal. There you will find retreat location and all other essential information. Your special pre retreat gift is also found here. A goddess after all deserves to be treated!!

This Retreat Is For You If:

• Desire to live a more sacred life. • Would like to honour the body as a temple. • Desire to live from your divine feminine power. • Suffer with a sense of loneliness that won’t go away. • Would like to relate to yourself in a healthier and more loving way. • Have body image issues or eating disorders. • Need a tonic for female reproductive disorders. • Suffered with birthing trauma • Have unresolved mother issues. • Feel lonely in a marriage/relationship. • Still heartbroken from a previous relationship or attract unhealthy relationships. • Need a self esteem and confidence boost. • Would like to feel beautiful inside out. • Would like to find new ways to feel sensual and alive. • Desire to discover your feminine orgasmic potential. • Would like to create a life you love. • Desire to live from your divine feminine power.

Pricing options


Terms and Conditions

*** Payment plans must be paid in full 7 day prior to check in day. Accommodation payment must be paid direct to the venue in full before 7 days prior to check in. Failure to complete all payments within a payment plan within the agreed timeframe will result in automatic unenrolment in the course. Coupons cannot be used against payment plans. Refunds will only be given up to 1 month prior to check in. Refunds will not be given in the 4 weeks leading up to check in due to loss of earnings to ourselves and the venue. Any further questions please email [email protected]

Your Guide

Vanya Silverten

Vanya Silverten works internationally as an intuitive energy healer and teacher. With clients and students from over 50 countries, she has a passion to help individuals transform all aspects of their lives. She has worked with children, celebrities, athletes and royalty.  Her greatest joy is to teach people the skills of healing and intuition so that they can master their own lives. Vanya believes healing is an art, and so has refined her gifted intuition through the experience of treating, reading and teaching 15,000+ people. OK magazine has described her work as 'cathartic' and 'uplifting.' Vanya is a Master Theta Healer and has taught over 240 live courses in six different countries. She has developed the energetic understanding of how the body, mind and soul functions through her extensive training and experience. She passes this knowledge on by teaching and qualifying students to become practitioners of Theta Healing® & Soul Embodied Brilliance. Vanya is also a qualified Nutritional Therapist. She has studied and worked extensively with herbs, vitamins, homeopathy and Australian Bush Flower Essences. Vanya is experienced at helping her clients overcome food allergies and sensitivities, hormonal and nervous problems. She encourages vibrant health and well-being. Vanya has recently become a mother to a beautiful daughter. This life changing experience has deepened her appreciation of being a woman. To celebrate she has developed a system for women to reach heighten states of enlightenment in their body temples. Her latest #1 best selling book Sacred Revolution and her Sensual Enlightenment Academy are a must for every woman.


“If there is anything that stretches your mind through your own deep deep experience so it is Living Goddess course with Vanya Silverten. It showed us the deepest healing, connections, divine pleasures and much more that I am not able to put in the words yet. Magical 4 tropical days in Goddess sisterhood left me changed forever. I am grateful and thankful”

Katinka Linka

“Vanya's goddess courses are a portal for awakening the innate power of your sexuality and embracing yourself as the goddess that you are. Vanya is the embodiment of sensual, divine feminine energy and she effortlessly guides you into peeling back the layers that block you from stepping into your womanhood and activating the gift of your sexual energy. If you're ready to empower yourself and to channel your sexual energy for your own healing then this course is for you. ”

Nyasha Mangera Lakew

“The one word to describe the Goddess courses is Magical. It is initiation, transformation and celebration of the female energy. Connecting with purity, wisdom, beauty and so much more... It has been an emotional, rejuvenating and uplifting journey and inspired me to be my true self, to rise as the Goddess I truly am inside... Vanya is such an amazing human being. I could not have wished for better and more suitable teacher to learn from about the sacred feminine . Thank you Vanya from the bottom of my heart for creating such a lovely and safe space so I can really explore who I truly am.”

Katya Coneva

£457 x 3 months

Payment Plan Option

£367 x 4 months

Payment Plan Option With Sensual Enlightenment Online: Six Goddess Courses in One