In this month's Enlightenment Masterclass:

Light Language is a universal multidimensional system of communication. Most Light Language is not translated as a word for word transmission, it is a deeply layered alchemical communication of information that is truly beyond words. It is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul and DNA. Unlike human language that is made up of symbols, alphabets, words and sounds that have been mutually agreed upon by society or culture. The purpose of Light Language is to shift our energy to a higher frequency than we usually inhabit. At the soul level, Light Language can help us heal emotionally and physically, connect to our innate wisdom, activate dormant gifts and truths, and connect to our purpose. Light Language can be spoken, written, transmitted through binaural beats, danced, signed with the hands, or toned. It is as individual as each channel that brings it through. Anyone who is open to the idea can channel Light Language. Ultimately, we will open to it on our soul’s timeline, but if you feel drawn, experiment, and see what comes out. Are you ready to open this precious gift?

  • What light language is and how you can use it to heal, activate the body and space clear

  • How to clear and prepare the throat, voice and whole body to become a clearer channel

  • How to let go of your ego and identity to be a channel and embody more light

  • The difference between true organic light and distorted light

  • How to surrender expectations, attachments, and outcomes

  • Practice channelling light with sounds, movements and signed with hands.

  • * Includes energy clearings and activations

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Guided By Vanya Silverten

Transformation Energy Healer

Vanya Silverten is an international transformational energy healer with over 10 years experience. OK magazine has described her work as 'cathartic' and 'uplifting'. Through a mix of channelled messages, healing, activations, guidance and laser coaching you will be taken on a journey that will totally upgrade you. This masterclass is equivalent to a private 90min session valued at £750. This is the most affordable way I can upgrade you now. Are you ready for your next level?