In this month's Enlightenment Masterclass:

Life is one big love affair. Whether it's with yourself, another, the trees, flowers, or the sun, we all are here to romance everything. Our greatest spiritual quest is after all to fall in LOVE with love itself. But love is not a one-sided event it is an exchange. The giving must also include a receiving. To be able to hold a high frequency of loving life means that you also hold a high frequency of magnetising love to you. There is nothing more beautiful than being able to call in lovers, flings, soulmates and summer romances. If you are ready for all of life to make love to you then this masterclass is for you

  • Release the past, patterns and heartbreaks that stop you from vibrating with love

  • Awaken your magnetic potential to call in more love - in all its forms

  • Explore the many different soulmate experiences you can have

  • Release the energy of past lovers, return soul fragments, troubled relationship dynamics and help your system get super clear to welcome in new love.

  • Remember all the ways you can have a love affair with life

  • Activate your heart and sacral chakra to call in your soul mate or soul mates

  • * Includes energy clearings and activations

Fast track your destiny

Life is short. Raise your reality today!

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Let's get Magnetic!

Guided By Vanya Silverten

Transformation Energy Healer

Vanya Silverten is an international transformational energy healer with over 10 years experience. OK magazine has described her work as 'cathartic' and 'uplifting'. Through a mix of channelled messages, healing, activations, guidance and laser coaching you will be taken on a journey that will totally upgrade you. This masterclass is equivalent to a private 90min session valued at £750. This is the most affordable way I can upgrade you now. Are you ready for your next level?