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A 100-Hour Expert-Level Training On Sensuality, Empowerment, Leadership, Conscious Creation & Soul Awakening.


Offered Once Per Year

Start date is 28th May 2021

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The Sacred Star™ Certification Program Is:

A 100 hour expert level training in to female awakening, embodiment and empowerment.

  • The Sensual Enlightenment Academy

    £2049 VALUE

    A comprehensive 3 month self study program into the female temple tantric arts. This is 6 online courses of total female healing, awakening and liberation.

  • The Initiation Ceremony

    £250 VALUE

    A power ceremony to initiation you onto the Sacred Star path. This is a quantum leap into the next level of your soul purpose.

  • The Sacred Star™ Embodiment Coaching Technique

    £2300 VALUE

    An exclusive embodiment coaching method that creates profound and lasting change.

Also Includes

You will have everything you need to take yourself to the next level.

  • Revolutionary Woman Magnetic Masterclasses

    £1800 VALUE

    Awaken to the the mindset shifts that women on my 3 month private coaching. This the quantum leap in business, life and love that you have been waiting for.

  • Magnetic Masterclasses & Entrepreneaurship


    Discover the secrets to sold out retreats and coaching packages so that you can bring your women's work to the world.

  • International Institute of Complementary Therapies


    Be approved, certified, recognised and insured to be an international professional of this work.

Total Value


Pricing options

This program is only offered once per year. If your ready for total female liberation and transformation this is the course you have been waiting for.

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Frequently Asked Questions


    Absolutely, the program is designed so that you learn all aspects from self mastery to coaching mastery to ensure you will have the skills that a professional coach requires.


    Totally!! The more skill you have the more profound your ability to use this technique will be. You will find that this technique will be the missing piece in helping your clients progress. It will also progress your own self mastery and ability to show up for your greater soul work.


    Students who complete the assessment to become a Sacred Star™ Embodiment Coach will be endorsed, recognised and insured to practice professionally by the International Institute Of Complementary Therapy.


    It’s absolutely up to you and what works for your business model and lifestyle. Depending on your confidence and skill set you can earn anywhere between £100-£1000+ per hour session and between £3000-£15 000+ for coaching packages.


    Upon enrolment you’ll receive immediate access to the first trainings and upcoming dates of the live calls.


    We take commitment to this program very seriously. A non refundable deposit of £350 is required to secure your place. The remaining fee is either transferable to another program, can be held for a later start date, or totally refunded if you have not begun the program. Also open to discussing how I can serve you the most/


    No problem I would love to help you answer them. Please drop me an email at

Shake off your past & Illuminate your world

Become confident, sensual and dynamic in business, love and life!

Pricing options

We start as a group on the 28th May 2021


“I gave myself the incredible beautiful present of the 3 month program 'Revolutionary Woman' with Vanya Silverten. And I can honestly say that it changed my life. For years I had procrastinated building up my wellness business to become a success. It was a ‘barely earning enough’ kind of business and I just didn’t seem to be able to take off and lift it to the next level. With Vanya I went into deep deep healing of all the things that kept me small, we invited my soul home, we put me back together so I now feel welcome in this world, see and honor my talents and abilities and believe in my self. All the way Vanya made me feel loved, she held the space so I dared going into and through the process and she professionally spotted my dark areas and then assisted me in healing them. In the process I manifested the clinic I have dreamt of for years and I manifested the money to have it decorated in a high end quality fashion. I also got a better relation to my children, let go of the constant overwhelm that I have lived with for years and started to laugh again. My business is now on next level and I stand in my light. So thank you Vanya - you have a big place in my heart!!”

Charlotte Trolle

“Vanya! I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for all the amazing sessions I had with you. I believe they are the equivalent of lifetimes of healing. Also wanted to share what I've noticed after our last amazing session. My period got shorter and lighter, my hair stopped falling and started looking healthier. I stopped rescuing people and I am now focusing on myself and my journey. I released the fear of driving, of being visible and fear of technology. I already did my first webinar which I really enjoyed and so did the participants. Technology would make me angry instantly and the idea of a webinar would give me a panic attack. And here I am planning the next one and working on my website. I am not selling myself short and not giving myself away anymore. Started feeling inspired towards my soul purpose and having ideas that light me up. Yes, all that after the last session!! Thank you for being such a powerful transformer, mentor and inspiration. Beyond grateful ”

Eva Burner - Engineer

“Working with Vanya was exactly what I needed to change my life. I worked on everything with her - my relationship, my finances, my health and my work - it all came down to me feeling too unworthy to have a better life. She is perceptive, gentle and empowering all at once. I gained a new sense of confidence and pride in myself. I left a job that was undervaluing me and found a new one which almost doubled my salary. This was the big change I needed to accept that I am a capable independent woman who can have more, be more and receive more. I defiantly feel more beautiful and more importantly I am allowed to be beautiful - something I felt ashamed of for years. Thank you Vanya. I loved working with you.”

Noura Albadi, Lawyer

“Thanks for sharing your absolute awesomeness with me ! I have so much respect for you ...your work and your integrity.... not to mention your absolutely cosmic modality of healing !!! I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Thankyou for your non-judgement and authenticity ...for being Truly in service with absolutely no hidden agendas’s so refreshing to experience such divine sisterhood with you !! Although I can’t speak for all the souls you have healed I really feel what you have done for me on a deep cellular level and I can only imagine the amount of clearance you have given others! You are an absolute earth angel and even though I know you know all this already’s still good to be reminded ...especially as you are a dedicated mummy as well!! I'm feeling really called to honour you on behalf of some of those souls that you have helped who maybe haven’t had the courage to share with you just how much!!! You really are a very powerful healer!! A total goddess!!! :heartpulse:Keep up the great work !! It’s so wonderful to witness a master at work and you really really are a master !!!!”

Kwali Kundalini - Yoga teacher

“I am very grateful for the deep healing I received from Vanya. I had 3 experiencies of long and abundant bleeding periods without a clear medical reasons. During the last metrorrhagy, I asked for Vanya´s help. The session was a loving and fluid experience of physical and energetic revitalization, which restored the integral balance to my body and identity as a woman. It awakened in me a convincing and powerful clarity of who I am and how to continue serving from my life purpose. Physically, my uterus and ovaries were reborn, releasing female burdens, pain, and loneliness to channel greater vitality and rejuvenation into my body and mind. At 48 years old, I have lived it as “a precious rite of passage” in this new cycle in my life. Embracing the luminous and uplifting transformation that the climacteric offers. Thank you dear Vanya, for so much clarity, sweetness, love, assertiveness and accompaniment. It has been a gorgeous and a renew experience.”

Valeria Escobillana Fuentes - Female Empowerment Healer

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