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Experience the joy of living in a sensually alive body!

In this live workshop, you get to experience the magic of being with other women who are choosing to awaken their sensuality.Your sexual energy is a sacred force which can be used to heal, manifest and bring joy to the body, mind, heart and soul.

Testimonial by Sarah Morris:  'This class changed my life - it showed me how I could be powerful without having to be masculine.  It proved to me that femininity can be formidable, magical and healing.  I was relieved to discover that as a modern day women, you can let success and opportunity flow to you and that you don't have to go out chasing and competing for it.  It was rewarding to learn that just as I am, I am worthy of love and that I can live the life of my dreams, just by being me.' 

Experience the techniques that show you how.

Course curriculum

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    Sensual Embodiment

    • PART ONE

    • PART TWO



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Join the women who are changing their relationship with their body forever.

Love the temple you live in!

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