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Theta Healing® is a self development and energy healing modality for all. It has been described as an attainable miracle for one’s life, and is one of the fastest growing healing modalities over our time, with over 500,000 practitioners world wide.

Theta Healing® is a meditation technique utilising a spiritual philosophy that focuses on bringing positive change to mind, body and soul. It helps to simply and quickly identify deeply held subconscious blocks, emotional patterns and limited beliefs that holds one back from love, wellness, happiness, prosperity and abundance.

Theta Healing® also teaches a range of techniques to help awaken your intuition, contact the divine and create a life you love.

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Discover how your beliefs maybe preventing you from living the life you want right now.

A healing modality for all.

“If there is only one energy technique that you learn….this is the one! It will change your life forever. The technique is so simple it its perfect. It does not demand anything from you, or that you give up on any teachings. Theta Healing® transcends dogma and goes beyond all religions yet is accepting of all of them. Just as Christ said, ‘All these things you can do and more.’ In Theta Healing® you will believe that nothing is impossible if you dare to believe.” Nini Geurard, Acupuncturist

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Create Your Life On Purpose

Theta Healing® teaches you how to manifest and create a life you'll love.

Theta Healing® helps with the following:

Anger Management
Career & Money
Commitment Phobia
Creativity Blocks
Drug Abuse
Emotional Issues
Health Issues
Life Purpose

Negative Thoughts
Panic Attacks
Personal Development
Recovery From Surgery
Sexual Issues
Spiritual Growth
Stage Fright

We are all here to master love.

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Through a range of techniques you can reprogram your subconscious mind from your limiting beliefs and feelings that are holding you back from happiness, love, wellness, prosperity and abundance. In your session you may like to work on: Life Purpose readings and Healings, Soul Mates, Relationships & Love, Weight Loss, Anxiety & Depression, Career and Money Blocks,Trauma Release, and much more. "I’ve been working with Vanya for over 5 years now. Every single time she has been able to help me pin point blocks that I wasn’t aware of and more importantly she helped me clear them. She also empowered me with solutions and skills to keep it up. I can honestly say one session with her is worth years of therapy. Unlike many other healers I’ve seen, she was funny, gentle and relatable. She has a rare gift that never stops giving. The world is a better place because there are healers like her. I’m truly grateful to have her in my life and highly recommend working with her.” Ahd Kamel


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“Intuitive Anatomy is the most amazing, exciting & intense course I have ever done. We learned a lot in 15 days & my intuition opened up immensely. New knowledge and skills are put into practice immediately working with each other every day, releasing lots of blockages and I witnessed amazing healings on a very deep level. It’s been 2 weeks since I finished the course and I feel like a completely new person on all levels, mainly I feel this deep peace in my soul. I would like to say a massive thank you to Vanya from the bottom of my heart for being an amazing teacher & holding a loving space for us throughout this journey. She is very intuitive & she delivered the course with such an ease, straight to the point and easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed Vanya’s stories and sharing her experiences with a great sense of humour. I found Vanya very approachable, humble and down to earth & I am looking forward to attending more courses with her.  ”

Andriana Newton

“'She is an amazing teacher with passion and a beautiful heart. She makes sure all of her students learn and supports them in this amazing journey. My experience with her has been just out of this world and I have learnt a lot from her. Experienced a lot of changes in myself. She is just an amazing teacher, gained a lot of knowledge and received a lot of affection. So very grateful to God for sending her to us to guide us through this journey.'  ”

Intuitive Anatomy Student

“'Sitting in Vanya Silverten's class, studying Intuitive Anatomy, has been a journey of self discovery which strengthened my connection with my soul and the Creator. She teaches with such a gentle and intelligent energy around her, that you are at ease with her presence. Her confidence in each one of our abilities , constant encouragement, and sweet yet effective nudge towards doing deeper diggings during belief work has been monumentally helpful in this process Thank you Vanya my love - your beautiful soul and loving ways have touched us all so deeply. I am forever grateful to the universe for bringing you to Dubai.' ”


“Your teaching and guidance throughout the weekend was...I don't even have the words. It was everything! Wonderful, transforming, gentle, nurturing, supportive, empowering, magical, graceful and life changing. I hadn't really known what to expect but this weekend was everything and more. I can't thank you enough from the bottom of my heart, with everything. I am so eternally grateful that you kindly held the space for us, gave us this opportunity to heal and shine and guided us on this journey. Thank you for opening your heart to us enabling us to open our hearts to the world. ”

Imogen French

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