Hey Beautiful Woman,

Are you desiring to experience love on all levels?

And feel ecstatic joy and love flowering through your body?

Would you like to honour your yoni and female body as the most sacred temple in the universe?

And discover how your sexual energy can be a source of vitality?Do you desire to have the entire universe make love to you?

And would like to get intimate with all the muscles in your sexual places so that your orgasmic potential can heighten?

Your body is ready to blossom.

Your sexual energy is ready to flower.

I know you, you have a great desire to live an extraordinary life and even greater desire to live in an extraordinary body. I bet you are aware that, your female body is exquisite in design and that your yoni is a cosmic gateweay that activates the Goddess within. I know you feel the exquisite and sensual magic that exists within, but are just needing some extra support to take you and you sexual energy to the next level. Sexual energy means different things for different people, and can be described in the following ways - sensual, erotic, ecstatic, orgasmic, and radiant. Some of us are super connected to it, and others have not yet had the chance to discover it. The reasons why a woman is unable to experience her full sexual nature are numerous. Perhaps you grew up in a family where you were taught to fear your female body, or learnt as a teenager to be ashamed or embarrassed by it. Maybe you found your sexual nature to be wild and out of control, and often found yourself in compromising situations. Or feel that your sexual experiences to date have been unloving and you yearn to experience intimate love making. Perhaps your libido is low and you no longer feel the youthful spark of vitality. Or you long simply for more!! Whatever your journey has been with your sexual energy, one thing is for sure, once it is trained to unite with your heart, and then guided to flow towards your crown and connect to the heavens, the sensual magic of your yoni and body activates. This is the ecstatic state of being in love with the self so much, that the entire universe begins to make love to you. Sound wonderful and impossible at the same time? Let me take you on a journey that will open the sensual magic of your yoni so that your female body temple can flower with ecstatic joy.

You are invited into your temple!

In this course you will learn:

  • Breathing and sounding exercise to access and move your sexual energy to create whole body orgasms.

  • Explore the workings of your vagina and sexual palace.

  • Create a strong, toned and supple vagina and pelvic floor.

  • Learn beautiful techniques that awaken the sensual magic of your entire body.

  • Discover the art of sensual body blossoming.

  • Create lasting union between your two female hearts - the womb and heart chakra.

  • Discover beautiful techniques that awaken the sensual magic of your entire body.

Your not a goddess until the universe makes love to you!

In six sensational lessons

You will learn to awaken the sensual magic of your body temple.

  • 1. Yinlicious Yoga

    In this lesson we prepare your body with sacred movements, so that you can become aware how your sexual energy flows through your body. You will be guided to bring conciousness to different body parts and then through intention direct your sexual energy to dance through you. A beautiful and energising experience that help you connect to the sensual energy that flows through you. You will also be invited to master your emotions by allowing them to surface and pass through you. This is a powerful exercise that teaches you that everything within and around you is constantly changing. EXERCISES: Yinlious Yoga + Sensual Body Yoga +The Emotional Wheel

  • 2. Awakening Your Flower

    Lesson two focuses on the intimate anatomy of your sexual palace. Each part of your female anatomy will be honoured and loved until it becomes a sacred part of your body. Your vaginia, cliteros, labia, cervix and womb will be awakened with breath, sound and intuitive awareness. As your sexual palace awakens you will start to feel the sensual magic that lives there. In this class you will also be invited to sing your ‘flower’ open. Through sound you will awaken your sexual palace and free your voice so that you can express your truth with greater ease. EXERCISES: Sexual Palace Nidra + Singing the flower open

  • 3. Your Body Is An Orgasmic Factory

    Your body is an orgasmic factory, and beneath your skin the ecstatic joy of being alive with love is waiting to be released. This lesson focuses on allowing the orgasmic potential of your body to blossom. You will discover the wild world of orgasams. Then you will be invited to get in touch with the different qualities of your sexual energy, so that you can have different orgasmic experiences. Finally you will contact the beautiful shakti tremor that exists in all of your cells. This is a life force that helps move your sexual energy towards the heavens. EXERCISES: Wild World of Orgasm + Sexual Wheel + Sensual Shakti Exercise

  • 4. Yinlicious Yoni & Breast Blossoming

    Your breasts and yoni, which is the sanskrit word for vagina, are two of the most sensual body parts on a woman’s body. Filled with thousands of nerves and energy pathways, these highly sensitive areas have the ability to flower with sexual energy and bring much joy to the body.When these two parts learn to unite in love is when the sensual magic of your body truly begins to flower. Through special sacred movement exercises, you will also learn to nourish your body with earth energy. Earth energy is yin or feminine in nature and is very nourishing, nurturing and grounding. It has the ability to charge and energise you sexual energy. EXERCISE: Yoni and Breast Union.

  • 5. Sensual Body Blossoming

    In order to have a full body orgasms you must learn to circulate your sexual energy through your body and then blossom it out into life. It is through this process that a woman’s inner beauty becomes her outer radiance. To do sensual body blossoming, you will incorporate everything you have learnt from the previous exercises, and then you will be encouraged to expand your sexual energy through your body and out into the energy feild that surrounds your body, known as the aura. This lesson focuses on your erogenous zones, which are highly sensitive areas located around the body. Through certain exercises your body will be encouraged to blossom with sexual energy. EXERCISE: Sexual Body Blossoming.

  • 6. Yinlicious Yogini & Her Cosmic Lovers

    A Yinlicious Yongini is unable to live on her own, for she longs to be loved and loved. In fact your body desire so much love that it requires the entire universe to make love to you. The receptive potential of your yoni and sexual palace is extraordinary, and this combined with a woman’s innate desire to be loved and loved, means that you have the potential to call in the universe to make love to you. Being made love to by the entire universe is how a woman becomes a Goddess. Through sacred movements, smiling, breath work and touch, you will learn to pull sunlight, starlight and cosmic energies into your body so that the universe can make love to you. EXERCISES: Sun Lover + Making Love With The Heavens


“For the first time in my life I feel so much love, deep inside me, and it's so powerful !! I can feel it's growing and getting bigger and bigger, the safer I feel to shine. I have never felt it before. I used to look for love outside me, in men. Now I've learnt to nourish myself with pure love and nobody and nothing can take that away from me from now on. I've learnt to connect myself with Mother Earth, the stars, the trees, the Moon, the Sun, the Universe and I don't feel alone anymore. I'm connected to everything, through time and space. We are all one. I'm so very grateful for this course!”

Donatella Battistella

“'Can't thank you enough you are truly the embodiment of the goddess ! This is the best online course I have ever tried. I didn't expect an online course would have this effect and transformation. I am having shifts in my life that I never even dreamed of and I have travelled and done so many courses all over the world, so I'm speaking from experience I am so impressed by the variety and the structure of the course. It's designed with a beautiful and harmonious feminine rhythm. The shakti meditation made me feel like a coming home, I connected with a part of me that I had forgotten and so longed for! Each meditation and exercise is so unique and uplifting and healing. I truly feel the goddess within me has awakened. I feel my power, love, gentleness and sensuality. This course is for every single woman.'”

May Al Najjar


“The Goddess courses were so incredible! I really can't thank you enough, not only for your amazing information and the beautiful exercises, but also for being the purest of souls, with no judgement or ego. Your generosity of spirit made it so easy for us to relax and open up and fully integrate with every aspect of the course and to truly believe in our divine female powers and our beauty! You are truly the sparkliest of all stars.⠀

This course is for you if:

* You feel like something is missing in your life. * Worry that something is wrong with you. * There is a loneliness inside that won’t shift. * Feel stuck in sexual shame, guilt or past sexual experiences. * Are jealous or compare yourself to other women who are sexually alive, and secretly wish you could be more. * Feel bored, unfulfilled, dry, lonely, unseen, tame and unheard. * Would like to feel more alive and be more expressive. *Struggle with vaginal numbness/ dryness or feel disconnected down there. * Are curious about your sensual and orgasmic potential. * Would like to explore your inner temple and ignite the magic that exists within.

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